syllabus - 1 BIO 3413 Physiology THIS SEMESTER NOTE FOR ON...

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1 BIO 3413 Physiology THIS SEMESTER NOTE FOR ON LINE SECTION: All course materials and performance assessments will be completed and administered entirely on-line through the world wide web internet and via Blackboard software of UTSA ( The introductory lecture on the syllabus and all lectures will be recorded and posted through the Blackboard Homepage as streaming video. Check the Blackboard Calendar for the scheduled dates for exams in this semester. All performance assessments, e.g., exams and quizzes, will be administered on line beginning the day mentioned on the syllabus and posted on the Calendar; an email will be sent via Blackboard Mailbox to all enrolled students notifying them of availability and end date/time for completion of on line assessment materials. All lecture presentations will be posted, e.g., Powerpoint and pdf slides, and pdf handouts for printing, on the Blackboard course site. All correspondence will be conducted via the Blackboard Mailbox function on the course site. Grades are posted automatically upon completion of performance assessment materials. Final grades are posted subsequent to the administration of the final exam. Instructor: Clyde F. Phelix, Ph.D. Office Hours: Correspondence through Blackboard Mailbox. E-mail address: Blackboard Mail ( Office: (210) 458-5498 (voicemail) (1604 campus) Course Objectives : To understand the functioning and interrelationships of physiological systems in animals. Prerequisites: You must have completed BIO 1121 (Biology I), 1122 (Biology II ); BIO 1404; CHE 1013 or CHE2604. Concurrent enrollment in BIO 3422 recommended. Required Text : Human Physiology An Integrated Approach , current edition, by Dee Unglaub Silverthorn. Welcome to BIO3413 Physiology, a study of integrated human physiology. In the course of a semester we will study principles of physiology, physiological processes, and the integration of these systems. An effort will be made to stress basic quantitative physiological principles and these quantitative problems will be on the on-line quizzes. Each quiz will be weighed equally toward the final grade. This course consists of three hours of lecture and supplemented, required material on the Blackboard course site. Your grade will be determined in the following manner. .. Grading System
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syllabus - 1 BIO 3413 Physiology THIS SEMESTER NOTE FOR ON...

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