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SI500 Information in Social Systems: Collections, flows, and processing “The SI Perspective” Fall 2009 Final Paper Assignment : Final Paper: Friday, December 11th; 8am Scope and purpose: The main goal of this assignment is to show how concepts from the readings, lectures, and discussion sections can help you understand and discuss problematic situations of creating, using or managing information resources. You are to identify, with the approval and advice of your GSI, a problem situation to write about that should meet all of the following criteria: 1. It should allow you to identify 4 –or, at most, 5 – major concepts from the course that help illuminate aspects of the problem. The learning objectives and course syllabus are good starting points for identifying these concepts. (Hint: the best results usually come from employing ideas that are diverse, rather than very similarly related. Though it s not perfect, one indicator of distinct ideas is that they are often discussed in different weeks ʼ of the course.)
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