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SI 501Assignment 5 Other Consolidated Model (individual student assignment) Revised August 27, 2009 Due Date: See your course syllabus Percentage of grade: 15% Overview Consolidated models show overarching patterns of work. They are more than simply combinations of individual models. Instead, they provide a single, coherent view of some aspect of your organization’s work, revealing the structure of work across multiple users. For this assignment, each member of your team should choose a different model to consolidate. Note, it is conceivable that more than one member of your team could create a particular consolidated model, assuming each is consolidating a different thing. For example, you might choose to do two consolidated artifact models if your project has two different artifacts that are important. However, that which each team member models must be different, so that after this assignment is complete, your team will have a set of consolidated models for your project. It is in your interest to select which models to create as a team, not just by which is “easiest,” but by thinking about which models make the most sense for your particular project. The acceptable models are:
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A5_OtherConsolidatedModel - SI 501 Assignment 5 Other...

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