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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COLLEGE OF NURSING NGR 6244L Summer 2009 COURSE NUMBER NGR 6244L Section 8456 (Gainesville) COURSE TITTLE Adult Nurse Practitioner: Chronic Health Problems CREDITS 2 PLACEMENT Second Clinical Course In Adult Nurse Practitioner Track PREREQUISITES NGR 6241: Adult Nursing: Common Health Problems NGR 6241L: Adult Nurse Practitioner: Common Health Problems Laboratory NGR 6052C: Adult Nursing: Diagnostics and Procedures COREQUISITES NGR 6244: Adult Nursing: Chronic Health Problems NGR 6255: Advanced Nursing Care of the Older Adult FACULTY OFFICE PHONE OFFICE HOURS Gainesville Carmen Rodriguez, PhD, ARNP HPNP 3240 273-6328 (O) Fridays 8:30-10:30 AM [email protected] 888-338-0408 (B) by appointment Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, PhD, ARNP HPNP 3231 273-6424 (O) Wednesdays [email protected] 352-682-6363 (cell) 11:00 AM-1:00PM Joyce Stechmiller, PhD, ARNP-BC HPNP 3222 273-6370 (O) TBA [email protected] 352-284-1801(B) Shawn Kneipp, PhD, ARNP-BC HPNP 4206 273-6417 (O) TBA [email protected] 352-262-2333 (B) Jacksonville Robyn P. Gleason, PhD, MPH, HPNP 2232 273-6347 (O) Mondays ARNP, FNP-BC   352 284-2123 (cell) 2:00-4:00 PM [email protected]   Kathleen H. Solomon, MSN,APRN-BC (904)-244-5176 (O) TBA [email protected] (904)-253-9450 (cell) DEPARTMENT CHAIR Maxine Hinze, PhD, RN, CNL HPNP 3230 273-6394 Tuesdays 1200-1400 [email protected] 214-4794(cell) NGR 6244L/Summer 2009/FINAL COPY
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COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides the student with clinical application of advanced nursing management of health problems in young, middle aged, and elderly adults with chronic health problems. Emphasis is on continued development of the application of health assessment principles and diagnostic reasoning to formulate diagnoses. Students will develop and implement management plans for adults with chronic health problems. The focus is on the provision of adult and elderly care in the acute and out-patient settings appropriate to the role of the nurse practitioner. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Apply the concepts of wellness and health promotion in the advanced nursing management of adults with chronic health problems in acute and out-patient settings. 2. Critique and integrate current research findings related to management of adult chronic health problems. 3. Critically and accurately assess an adult client presenting with chronic health problems. 4. Critically and accurately develop differential diagnoses based on a health assessment. 5. Implement management plans for adults with chronic health problems after consultation with the preceptor. 6. Evaluate the effectiveness of prevention, health promotion and management plans in selected chronic health problems of adults. 7.
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