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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COLLEGE OF NURSING COURSE SYLLABUS FALL 2009 COURSE NUMBER NGR 7891 Section 7454 COURSE TITLE Health Policy and Finance in Advanced Nursing Practice CREDITS 3 PLACEMENT DNP Program PREREQUISITE None COREQUISITE None FACULTY Holly Farish-Hunt, EdS, MS, ARNP [email protected] HPNP 4219 (352) 219-0850 Office hours: By appointment only DEPARTMENT CHAIR Jennifer Elder, PhD, RN, FAAN [email protected] HPNP 4221 (352) 273-6359 Office hours: By appointment JACKSONVILLE CAMPUS DIRECTOR Andrea Gregg, DSN, RN [email protected] (904) 244-5172 Office hours: By appointment only COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides knowledge and understanding needed to participate in health policy development, analysis and implementation. The impact of policies on the delivery of health care and nursing services will be explored. The relationship of health policies to the financing of health care will be presented. Students will be introduced to health economics with a focus on the elements of financial management including the language and basic concepts of cost, the budgeting process and systems of reimbursement. Global, national, state, and local systems of financing health care will be compared.
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COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Analyze the influence of health policy, social factors and other variables on advanced nursing practice roles and methods of health care delivery. 2. Analyze the effects of health policy on health promotion for selected aggregates. 3. Critique health policy issues at the local, state, national, and international levels that affect the health care system and the nursing profession. 4. Construct a plan to enhance the role of advanced nursing practice in the formulation, analysis and implementation of health care delivery policies. 5. Examine methods of health care financing and how these affect advanced nursing practice. 6. Formulate strategies for active participation in financial activities within health care settings and within other larger systems that influence the distribution of fiscal resources. COURSE SCHEDULE On-line course E-Learning is the course management system that you will use for this course. E- Learning is accessed by using your Gatorlink account name and password at http://lss.at.ufl.edu . There are several tutorials and student help links on the eLearning login site. If you have technical questions call the UF Computer Help Desk at 352-392- HELP or send email to [email protected] . It is important that you regularly check your Gatorlink account email for College and University wide information and the course eLearning site for announcements and notifications.
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