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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COLLEGE OF NURSING COURSE SYLLABUS SUMMER 2009 COURSE NUMBER NGR 7133 COURSE TITLE Ethical Theories and Rational Decision Making in Health Care CREDITS 3 PLACEMENT Variable: Required Core Course PREREQUISITES NGR 6130: Ethical Perspectives in Nursing or equivalent NGR 7115: Philosophy of Nursing Science FACULTY M. Josephine Snider, Ed. D., RN [email protected] HPNP 4203 (352) 273-6392 Office hours: Tuesdays, 2:00pm-5:00pm DEPARTMENT CHAIR Jennifer H. Elder, PhD, RN, FAAN [email protected] HPNP 4221 (352) 273-6359 Office hours: By appointment only JACKSONVILLE CAMPUS DIRECTOR Andrea Gregg, DSN, RN [email protected] Jacksonville (904) 244-5172 Office hours: By appointment only COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides the student with the opportunity to analyze ethical theories, and evaluate the applicability of theories to nursing, health care systems, and health care policies. Emphasis is on reasoned considerations of contemporary theoretical perspectives in bioethics. The focus is on theories related to rational systems of bioethical problem solving in a culturally pluralistic society. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Evaluate the conditions of adequacy of ethical theories from which to assess the deficits and strengths of theories. 2. Critique selected contemporary and post-modern ethical theories using methods of moral justification and philosophical reasoning in a culturally pluralistic society. 3. Evaluate recurrent ethical issues having relevance for national and international health policy decisions. 4. Evaluate the effects of cultural pluralism on ethical decision making processes regarding wellness and illness. 5. Analyze nursing and health related literature for selected epistemic, metaphysical, and axiological themes related to health and illness. //home/vdimitrov/6360/1fcb0043ee16d1faa78201a5d8bf6e4e5f95fe63.doc
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COURSE SCHEDULE Section Day Time Room 7976 Tuesday 10:00am – 1:00pm G114 GVL Classroom B JAX ATTENDANCE Students are expected to be present for all scheduled classes, other learning experiences, and examinations. Students who have extraordinary circumstances preventing attendance should explain these circumstances to the course instructor prior to the scheduled class or as soon as possible thereafter. Instructors will then make an effort to accommodate reasonable requests. A grade penalty may be assigned for late assignments, including tests. Students are responsible for
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