0826209667 - From: "Tatiana M. Dedkova"...

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From: "Tatiana M. Dedkova" <tatm@insec.quorus.e-burg.su> To: K.Briffa@uea.ac.uk Subject: schijatov Date: Thu, 7 Mar 96 09:41:07 +0500 Dear Keith, March 6, 1996 I and Eugene received your E-mail of 04.03.1996. This day I talked over the telephone with Eugene and he asked me to send an answer from both of us. Thank you for the information concerning proposals to the INCO/COPERNICUS. We agree with your strategy used and we hope that this proposal will not be rejected. The results of INTAS-RFBR proposal will be known at the beginning of May. We know that they received many proposals and a competition is high (only 1 in 10 proposals might get money). Of course, you included in as a participant. Fritz is a coordinator from the INTAS countries. This year our laboratory received two small grants (approximately 8,000-10,000 USD per year) from the Russian Foundation of Basic Researches (RFBR) for the next three years: the first one for developing the Yamal supra-long chronology and the second one for
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0826209667 - From: &quot;Tatiana M. Dedkova&quot;...

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