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From: T.Osborn@uea.ac.uk (by way of Tim Osborn <T.Osborn@uea.ac.uk>) To: t.osborn@uea.ac.uk Subject: No Subject Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 00:35:39 +0100 From: CPCMB::F055 11-JUL-1995 10:53:56.46 To: MX%"pierce@cirrus.ucsd.edu" CC: F055 Subj: Re: Hi and questions Dave You're right, smoothing the P-E field is a much bigger change than adding a bit of noise, or the statistical model feedback. But some papers give the indication that the strong instability/variability of the thermohaline circulation under traditional mixed boundary conditions cannot possibly occur when a more realistic SST condition is used. Yet that's not true of some current models - e.g.: - some LSG/EBM configurations still oscillate, - the Manabe & Stouffer 1988 coupled model had two stable states, - Mikolajewicz and Maier-Reimer 1994 still could collapse NADW even with a reduced coupling of 16 W/m**2/K (I note your caveat about the lack of scale dependence though), - the Stocker et al 1992 zonally averaged coupled model had multiple
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