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From: Keith Briffa <[email protected]> To: [email protected] (Jean-Claude Duplessy) Subject: Re: Date: Fri Aug 30 11:27:05 1996 At 13:52 27/08/96 -0500, you wrote: >Dear Keith, > > I have been asked to write a white paper on the possibility for the >paleo community to interact with CLIVAR. > > Evidently part of the jow has been made during the Venice meeting, >but I would like to know if you have somme recent recent work of yours that >I could include in this paper. > > Any suggestion woulmd be welcome. > >Best regards > >jean claude > Dear Jean-Claude It is good news indeed that these initiatives are now meaningfully underway to join the palaeo , pure climate , and modelling communities. I will join the short CLIVAR/PAGES meeting (24/25 Oct.) and a colleague - Tim Osborn will attend the larger meeting from Oct.28-Nov.1. As for question about new results , Ed Cook and I have a paper in press describing an initial attempt to reconstruct a North Atlantic Oscillation index back into
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