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From: "Tatiana M. Dedkova" <tatm@insec.quorus.e-burg.su> To: k.briffa@uea.ac.uk Subject: Rashit Date: Thu, 10 Oct 96 13:24:01 +0500 Dear Keith, enclosed are data concerning Yamal chronology. 1 - list of samples: 139 subfossil samples (checked only), covered time span from about 350 BC and 18 samples from living trees (jah- from Yada river, m- and x- Hadyta river, por- from Portsa river); 2 - general chronology (1248 BC - 1994 AD). I have some little doubt about 360 BC - may be it is false. It was found that in chronology I sent you before 155 BC was false ring; 3 - ring widths of living trees from Yada and Hadyta; 4 - ring widths of living trees from Portsa. Some of them didn't include in chronology, because were not measured at that time; 5 - ring widths of subfossil trees. Zero means that ring didn't find on sample. I don't send description of collection sites, deposits and etc. for the present. Some details you can find in our article (Shiyatov,. ..., Loosli). By the way, do you know something about its fate? Please, inform me if you have any questions about these data. Sincerely yours, Rashit Hantemirov begin 644 data.arj M8.HH`!X&`0`0``*;FU-*(9M32B$``````````````````$1!5$$N05)*``!C M04(N4%).``#GS`;H```'J'.ZU=D:<BXXD<_W'%E3;;;;?/$*\T4NA"J2:+=A M2"7OC?W_O_>O-SV0BJJ`#<TM17_?#<W9$W/;<?[?;;W[;=Z_/U[;>P(OP\>[ M_&WV=_AMZO7X=_N[_9W_;^6_X??M[^_Y_FZOGT<OE_O]HN7T%W\?O[O5KVGE MQ]PR/Y_F_]E7_F:%^1[2.VWTIXZ-1[3E&UQYR.5^<75%;;HCL,$0#U)GH*-Y MT3]MMK35MEFND6U9P+UD8OVVF7>X2[QPG[(CFOU&L=(N$;>RHSTN+;+Y;:4; M%FOI%PC3``>JEZP%&\; MT7V4)I]QCA=%(TRJ(>KYH[ZS1AGHXM@F#`S+LX$GQ$(X,E>LMLM"`>JIKJF5 M)*]2GET2(X+NC*6M7HP=ZFH#+C'&UBS4IS1=$;/3A'@C!O6:Z$8'Z(S(Z(B+ MSI'S]JX1QK^FPPU$CBBLP]>$4EQA2)1PT]3=ZLKTF]R,U3N`F?V1=4;/3!*C M%?`^1O"0\XOYZPQJ[U@"%.*7!M6>D7"-GI@E1DNSEIC=>]3FN4^WM4Q#_= M-\KZZ,",.,X?K[60>G";,;.9I4O1.G27GC"3A-F-G,J9E"?GVM[A%7;A'K9R M3A-F,UY6$_&)%?&=?U]K0/3A-H-U\K"X3T)UA2*`R+JC; M<8[9K<)HBT)Z*Y]"8)E;.BZHTBKAZ<)HU;WP-W4S750FSG'M[7#^U4ND`%U' MA_38)LE)S4ZC7@=58]HP\YN]`1%#!8BQ=/W>ALY-@FRF0)`F<9,>JTW1=4;> M'>EW7J"@(:==+I)H0$2G#N=L!EAWI@FSP-8:P7,EFG\Q[;KCTH>EQ3O0:2H] MBZ+9MHTB?!ZHKTP2JT5ZD*'U-5#C"/:(=5@E5L,UX6-PD4\GG0E.^+'PVD>@ M)58)M;KI-0,".1%9F;HDV4N<UT-=O6CNXV9L0AW))XR[2,JU=Z!Y*F(9;!PR M]#VM3:*V-7XAI/.B[KEWJ2^UP7J_]"%M!WJBVJ*Y8KE?I;%1@A<T8\=%7I@E
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0844968241 - From: &quot;Tatiana M. Dedkova&quot;...

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