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From: Wolfgang Cramer <[email protected]> To: Mike Hulme <[email protected]>, [email protected] (I. Colin Prentice) Subject: Re: EU proposals Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 15:51:36 +0100 Hm, clearly coordination between the two (if it really ends up as two) groups is absolutely essential, otherwise we would look entirely stupid. The first thing that comes to my mind is that nitrogen would be emphasizing a component of our overall idea which otherwise would not receive great attention - hence it could be, perhaps, amalgamated. They probably see it the other way around: In their problem, climatic variability comes second in importance. My view on this is that all of our model intercomparisons have shown that models essentially do crazy things with interannual variability, simply because nobody ever has tested them for that in any detail. Esser's model would probably be the last candidate to use here, since it is "less mechanistic" than any of the others - in fact, Colin and I seemed to agree to "not necessarily" include it into this proposal. These are just some thoughts for the moment. I just finished a very first, rough draft of our outline, and I attach it to the end of this message. I have just sent it to Martin Heimann, but I have still not yet talked to him. I also send this whole thing to Colin, hoping that he will catch the thread through it without problems. Gerard Dedieu is the one I want to approach next - Alberte is already talking to him about this in the context with other things. Cheers, Wolfgang On Nov 22, 14:12, Mike Hulme wrote: > Subject: EU proposals > Wolfgang, > > This email (see below) has just arrived from Andrew Friend. I wonder if we > are in danger of competing amongst ourselves here, or is the role of N > sufficiently far away to avoid problems? Do you want me to talk with Andrew > again or shall I wait for you to get back to me next week after contacting > Martin? Would Gerd Esser be one of 'our' C modellers? > > Looking at the call for proposals it seems that 'Theme 1.1.1 Basic
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0848695896 - From: Wolfgang Cramer...

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