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From: Tim Carter <tim.carter@fmi.fi> To: d.viner@uea.ac.uk (David Viner - Climate Impacts LINK Project) Subject: ECLAT 2 Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:11:18 +0200 Cc: m.hulme@uea.ac.uk Dear David/Mike, Thanks for sending me the ECLAT 2 proposal. First, let me say that I support the idea of a continued role for activities co-ordinating and facilitating the provision of climate change information for EC impacts research and other related research and policy. ECLAT 2 is one way of achieving this, but the fact that it is a Concerted Action Initiative imposes some limitations. The major limitation is that CAIs are not supposed to involve original research. They are networking activities, with a view on forging research links and developing new research projects. In my view, there is a need for a number of targetted research activities on scenario development, that might be covered by the themes of the workshops you are suggesting in ECLAT 2, but which would be best served by some dedicated research projects. It really isn't satisfactory to wait until the end of ECLAT 2 before embarking
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0850320678 - From: Tim Carter &lt;tim.carter@fmi.fi&gt; To:...

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