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From: Richard Warrick <[email protected]> To: 'Mike Hulme' <[email protected]> Subject: RE: Scengen and CC:Train Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 10:00:48 +-1300 Dear Mike, Thanks for your detailed reply concerning Scengen and CC:Train. I was not proposing to incorporate Scengen in a major way into the training package, and I am quite aware of the problems of consistency regarding aerosol effects, natural variability, etc. Rather, I thought that the training package would be an excellent way to introduce the existence of Scengen (and MAGICC) to the Country Teams which are responsible for coordinating national assessments. (the intention was NOT to provide intensive technical training in its use -- the country team members are largely coordinators, not technical climate experts). In this way, when it comes time to actually carry out the national assessments, Scengen would be recognised as a major tool for scenario generation and, if appropriate, CRU could be contacted regarding its application, technical training or collaboration. You had mentioned to me at the IPCC meeting in London that one of your major aims was to get Scengen recognised as the "standard" for scenario generation for impact assessments, and I simply thought I saw a way of furthering that aim through the CC:Train mechanism. Given the training programmes that you are currently proposing through ENRICH and others, I can understand your fears that we might "muddy the waters". Let me pose the following options; that we (1) use some hard-copy examples from Scengen; (2) incorporate a demonstration diskette (do you have one?); (3) just mention the existence of Scengen; (4) not mention Scengen at all. Frankly, I am quite happy with any of these.
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0853426848 - From Richard Warrick ...

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