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From: [email protected] (Gordon Jacoby) To: [email protected] Subject: Russia Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:16:32 -0500 Hi Keith: As you are aware, the situation in Russia is very uncertain with their unfortunate economic condition, especially science support. There is interest, hope, and dots on maps showing intent but actual activity is difficult to judge. In the particular area I am interested in, the Taymyr, there is no current active tree-ring research going on although it has been previously sampled and some reports are in preparation. Ed probably told you that I have submitted a proposal to do work there. My understanding is that unless there is some external funding support, such as my project, tree-ring sampling there is in abeyance. Several people, including yourself, recognize the great potential in the region. From my perspective it seems that the Polar Urals are being studied, Yokutia to the far east is being studied, some work has been done by Szeicz and Macdonald at the Lena
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