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0888364876 - From Nebojsa NAKICENOVIC To...

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From: Nebojsa NAKICENOVIC <[email protected]> To: Joseph Alcamo <[email protected]>, Knut Alfsen <[email protected]>, Benjamin Dessus <[email protected]>, Dennis Anderson <[email protected]>, Zhou Dadi <[email protected]>, Gerald Davis <[email protected]>, Benjamin Dessus <[email protected] dir.fr>, Bert de Vries <[email protected]>, Jae Edmonds <[email protected]>, Joerg Fenhann <[email protected]>, Stuart Gaffin <[email protected]>, Henryk Gaj <[email protected]>, Kenneth Gregory <[email protected]>, Arnulf Gruebler <[email protected]>, Erik Haites <[email protected]>, William Hare <[email protected]>, Michael Hulme <[email protected]>, Michael Jefferson <[email protected]>, Tae-Yong Jung <[email protected]>, Thomas Kram <[email protected]>, Emilio La Rovere <[email protected]>, Mathew Luhanga <[email protected]>, Julio Torres Martinez <[email protected][]>, Douglas McKay <[email protected]>, Laurie Michaelis <[email protected]>, Shunsuke Mori <[email protected]>,
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