0889554019 - From: Anne JOHNSON <[email protected]> To:...

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From: Anne JOHNSON <[email protected]> To: Joseph Alcamo <[email protected]>, Knut Alfsen <[email protected]>, Dennis Anderson <[email protected]>, Zhou Dadi <[email protected]>, Gerald Davis <[email protected]>, Benjamin Dessus <[email protected]>, Bert de Vries <[email protected]>, Jae Edmonds <[email protected]>, Joerg Fenhann <[email protected]>, Stuart Gaffin <[email protected]>, Henryk Gaj <[email protected]>, Kenneth Gregory <[email protected]>, Arnulf Gruebler <[email protected]>, Erik Haites <[email protected]>, William Hare <[email protected]>, Michael Hulme <[email protected]>, Michael Jefferson <[email protected]>, Tae-Yong Jung <[email protected]>, Thomas Kram <[email protected]>, Emilio La Rovere <[email protected]>, Mathew Luhanga <[email protected]>, Julio Torres Martinez <[email protected]>, Douglas McKay <[email protected]>, Laurie Michaelis <[email protected]>, Shunsuke Mori <[email protected]>, Tsuneyuke Morita <t- [email protected]>, Richard Moss <[email protected]>, Nebojsa Nakicenovic <[email protected]>, Youssef Nassef <[email protected]>, William Pepper <[email protected]>, Hugh Pitcher <[email protected]>, Lynn Price <[email protected]>, Rich Richels <[email protected]>, Holger Rogner <[email protected]>, Cynthia Rosenzweig <[email protected]>, Priyadarshi Shukla <[email protected]>, James Skea <[email protected]>, Leena Srivastava <[email protected]>, Robert Swart <[email protected]>, Robert Watson <[email protected]>, John Weyant <[email protected]>, Ernst Worrell <[email protected]> Subject: new IPCC-SRES Zero Order Draft Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 13:20:19 +0100 Dear Colleagues: I am sending you a copy of Ged Davis' IPCC-SRES Zero Order Draft on storylines and scenarios. The text is appended below, but I am also attaching versions in MS Word and in Rich Text formats so that you can better view the graphics. Please send any comments directly to Ged Davis at [email protected] Regards, Anne Johnson **************************************************************************** ****** Zero Order Draft IS99 Storylines and Scenarios February, 1998 Ged Davis et al For Comment Only Draft Paper for the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios
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********************************* Contents 1. Introduction 2. Scenarios - overview 3. Golden Economic Age (A1) 4. Sustainable Development (B1) 5. Divided World (A2) 6. Regional Stewardship (B2) 7. Scenario comparisons 8. Conclusions Appendix 1: Scenario quantification 1. Introduction The IS99 scenarios have been constructed to explore future developments in the global environment with special reference to the production of GHGs. These scenarios are being developed in three phases:
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0889554019 - From: Anne JOHNSON <[email protected]> To:...

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