0893188400 - From: Anne JOHNSON <johnson@iiasa.ac.at>...

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From: Anne JOHNSON <johnson@iiasa.ac.at> To: Joseph Alcamo <alcamo@usf.uni-kassel.de>, Knut Alfsen <knut.alfsen@cicero.uio.no>, Akhiro Amano <z95020@ksc.kwansei.ac.jp>, Dennis Anderson <dennis.anderson@ic.ac.uk>, Zhou Dadi <becon@public3.bta.net.cn>, Gerald Davis <Ged.R.Davis@SI.shell.com>, Benjamin Dessus <Benjamin.Dessus@cnrs-dir.fr>, Bert de Vries <Bert.de.Vries@rivm.nl>, Jae Edmonds <ja_edmonds@pnl.gov>, Joerg Fenhann <j.fenhann@risoe.dk>, Stuart Gaffin <stuart@edf.org>, Henryk Gaj <Fewewar@ternet.pl>, Kenneth Gregory <kennethgregory@msn.com>, Arnulf Gruebler <gruebler@iiasa.ac.at>, Erik Haites <ehaites@netcom.ca>, William Hare <bhare@ams.greenpeace.org>, Michael Hulme <m.hulme@uea.ac.uk>, Michael Jefferson <jefferson@wec.co.uk>, Tae-Yong Jung <tyjung@his.keei.re.kr>, Thomas Kram <kram@ecn.nl>, Emilio La Rovere <emilio@ppe.ufrj.br>, Mathew Luhanga <vc@admin.udsm.ac.tz>, Sandy MacCracken <smaccrac@usgcrp.gov>, Nicolette Manson <Nicolette_Manson-Engelbrecht@edf.org>, Julio Torres Martinez
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This note was uploaded on 12/16/2009 for the course CLMT 0032456 taught by Professor Ellison during the Spring '09 term at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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0893188400 - From: Anne JOHNSON &lt;johnson@iiasa.ac.at&gt;...

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