Adolescent Psychology final review 8-13

Adolescent Psychology final review 8-13 - Adolescent...

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Adolescent Psychology Final Exam Review Chapters 8 – 13 Test three information— 1. On which of the following issues are adolescents more likely to consult with their parents rather than their friends? a. Making decisions about their career goals. Friends are more likely to help and discuss problems with a romantic relationship, opinions about sexual behavior, and advice about their physical appearance. 2. Which of the following characteristics is a defining feature of “intimacy”? a. Willingness to disclose personal thoughts and feelings. Intimacy is probably the most important distinguishing feature of  adolescent friendships. The need for intimacy with friends intensifies in  preadolescence and early adolescence. Adolescents rate trust and loyalty  as more important to friendship than younger children do.  3. According to Sullivan, where does the capacity for intimacy first develop? a. During pre-adolescence, same sex relationships. According to Dexter Dunphy, in early adolescence social lives mostly take place within  same-sex cliques. In the second stage, boys' and girls' cliques begin to spend some of  their leisure time near each other. In the third stage, the gender divisions of cliques begin  to break down as clique leaders form romantic relationships. In the fourth stage all cliques  and crowds are mixed-gender groups and in the final stage, males and females begin to  pair off in more serious relationships, and the structures of cliques and crowds begin to  break down. Dunphy's model of ending up in committed intimate pairings by the end of  high school probably applies more to his time. 
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4. Which of the following friendship characteristics is a 14 year old girl likely to value more than a 14 year old boy? a. Talking about thoughts and feelings. Greater ability for abstract thinking allows adolescents to think about and  talk about more abstract qualities in their relationships. In addition, the  changes of puberty and sexual maturity lend themselves to the  development of intimacy between friends. Gender is also important to the  development of intimacy, with girls tending to have more intimate  friendships than boys, perhaps because they are more likely to be  encouraged to express their feelings openly.  5. Mike and Tony have been good friends throughout high school. Which of the following predictions is most likely to be accurate? a. Their grades and educational goals are similar. For adolescents, similarity is one of the keys to choosing friends.  Adolescent friends tend to be similar in their educational orientations, the  preferences for media and leisure activities, and in risky activities. Ethnic  boundaries in friendships become sharper during adolescence.  6. According to Berndt’s research, friends’ influence (also known as peer
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Adolescent Psychology final review 8-13 - Adolescent...

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