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PSY 214 – Adolescent Psychology On-line section, Spring 07 - COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE DESCRIPTION In this course, we will be exploring the typical changes that occur during adolescence in the areas of physical, cognitive, psychological, moral and social development. Using those changes as the framework, we will also examine specific issues such as family relationships, school experiences, sexuality, media influence, and problem behaviors. INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Judy Leach Office: SO 229, main campus Phone: 314-984-7681 Email: Availability: Please email or call anytime you need to communicate with me privately. I check my email, voice mail, and the course web site several times a day. I will respond to any message you leave within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays. PLEASE NOTE: All course-related email sent to me must have this designation in the Subject field: PSY 214, followed by your first initial and last name . Otherwise, I may delete it because of not recognizing the sender’s address. If you have general questions about the course that you can’t find answers to on the course site, please post the question in the “General Question” Discussion Board forum that is accessible by clicking on the Discussion Board link in Blackboard. This forum will be open all semester and was designed just for the purpose of answering questions and clearing up any confusion about any aspect of the course. I will check this forum daily and respond to any questions posted. All students are welcome to respond as well to any question that is posted. My assumption is that if one person has a question, it probably pertains to something everyone needs to know. If you have questions about issues or concerns that are personal, please contact me by email or phone. REQUIRED READING Arnett, Jeffrey (2006). Adolescence and emerging adulthood: A cultural approach (3 rd ed.) . Prentice Hall, N.J. Check out the textbook website: . It has many links to web-based resources, among other things.
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COURSE OBJECTIVES I. Students will apply cultural, historical and philosophical perspectives to an analysis of contemporary issues pertaining to adolescence. A. Students will generate a definition of adolescence citing physical, social, cultural, and legal indicators. B. Students will place the adolescent stage within a broader developmental framework. II. Students will identify and discuss the major changes which occur in the physical/maturational realm of development during adolescence. A. Students will compare the relative contributions of genetics and environment to human behavior in general and adolescent behavior in particular. B. Students will be able to list the major A marker @ events in the physical realm which signify the onset of puberty, as well as those which occur throughout the adolescent stage. C.
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PSY 214 - PSY 214 Adolescent Psychology On-line section,...

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