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Adolescent Psychology web chap 1 - Adolescent Psychology...

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Unformatted text preview: Adolescent Psychology Chapter One Review • Adolescence is a period of the life course between the time puberty begins and the time adult status is approached, when young people are preparing to take on the roles and responsibilities of adulthood in their culture. • In ancient Greece, adolescence was viewed as the third distinct stage of life during which the capacity for reason developed. A focus on the struggle between reason and passion in adolescence can be found in early Christianity. From Augustine's time through the Middle Ages, the historical record on adolescence is sparse except for the “Children's Crusade,” which suggests that many people of that era viewed youth as a time of innocence. Life-cycle service by young people began in about 1500 and was common in colonial New England but faded during the 18 th and 19 th centuries, when adolescents became regarded as social problems. • Adolescence became a widely used term only toward the end of the 19 th and beginning of the 20 th centuries. Between 1890–1920 child labor laws and new requirements for school attendance were enacted, and the field of adolescence scholarship developed. • According to the inventionist view, adolescence was invented during the early 20 th century as a way of keeping young people excluded from useful and income-producing work, instead keeping them in educational institutions where they would be dependent on adults and learn to be passive and compliant to adult authority. • G. Stanley Hall was one of the initiators of the child study movement and wrote the first G....
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  • Spring '07
  • Dr.JudyLeach
  • Psychology, young people, Experimental Research Method, problems.  th Adolescence, adolescence scholarship developed., States.  Emerging adulthood, parenthood. Young people

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Adolescent Psychology web chap 1 - Adolescent Psychology...

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