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PSY 214 – Adolescent Psychology Chapter 9 Notes There could hardly be a more emotionally charged issue than the main one this chapter deals with – adolescent sexuality. I think your textbook author does a good job reporting objective information on this topic because there’s still a lot of hysteria in our culture about the topic of sex and its consequences, especially for young people. I’m not going to add too much in these notes to what’s in the textbook but I do want to highlight some things. First of all, it’s important to realize that teen sexuality can take many forms. Most of the heated emotional discussions that you hear on the topic of sex have been focused on intercourse, but, as we all know, adolescents engage in many other types of sexual behavior. So I think it’s important when we talk to young people about sex that we define exactly what it is we mean by that term. What kinds of sexual behaviors on the part of adolescents are acceptable and unacceptable to us individually and as a culture? I don’t think most parents have thought about talking to their kids about oral sex, for example, and, for the most part, the broader culture has ignored this phenomenon. As a result, many young people don’t think oral sex is “sex”. We have left kids almost completely on their own in terms of figuring out whether this is an OK or a not OK thing to be doing. Some clear communication about all aspects of sexuality, including masturbation,
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PSY_214_chapter_9_notes - PSY 214 Adolescent Psychology...

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