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PSY 214 – Adolescent Psychology Chapter 10 Notes Chapters 10 and 11 look at the settings (school and work) in which adolescents are most likely to be spending the time they are not spending with their friends. Then chapter 12 examines another, but different, environmental issue, namely the media that adolescents consume in enormous quantities. But first the issue of school. The comprehensive high school that we are so familiar with in this country is almost unique among the developed countries of the world. Almost every other country divides its secondary students into different tracks depending on their vocational interests and their academic performance. You may be familiar with the typical European model of secondary school, which has been widely adopted throughout the world, in which young people take a test at the end of (usually) 8 years of education and the results of the test determine whether they attend an academic or vocational high school. This model is loosening up in some countries, such as Germany, but is still the predominant model of high school outside the U.S. Of course this model strikes Americans as being fundamentally undemocratic. From the 1920’s, when compulsory high school attendance laws began to be passed in the different states, until now, the American high school has been expected to meet the diverse needs of a very diverse population of students. These needs include college preparation, vocational preparation and
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PSY_214_chapter_10_notes - PSY 214 Adolescent Psychology...

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