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Lecture 01 Handout - Chemistry 204 Introduction to Chemical...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 204 Introduction to Chemical Practice Fall 2008 Dr. Brian Anderson Your Humble Instructor Dr. Brian Anderson WEL 5.220A (512) 475-6729 [email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 11:00 – 12:00 or by appointment http://courses.cm.utexas.edu/banderson/ch204 Monday Morning Unique Number 53900 53905 53910 53915 Your Lab 4.116 4.122 4.124 4.140 Your TA Julie Wilkerson Kate Crawford Chris Bates Lauren Avery 1 Monday Afternoon Unique Number 54020 54025 54030 54035 54040 Your Lab 4.116 4.122 4.124 4.138 4.140 Your TA Julie Wilkerson Chris Fage Chris Bates Eta Isiorho Lauren Avery Tuesday Morning Unique Number 53920 53925 53930 53935 53940 Your Lab 4.116 4.122 4.124 4.138 4.140 Your TA Lauren Lytwak Kate Crawford Grace Sun Orf Audrea Buckley Tuesday Afternoon Unique Number 54045 54050 54055 54060 54065 Your Lab 4.116 4.122 4.124 4.138 4.140 Your TA Jaya Srivastava Chris Fage Grace Sun Eta Isiorho Audrea Buckley 2 Required Materials Lab Manual General Chemistry Lab Manual by Svetlana Leytner, Leytner, Fall 2008 edition Lab Notebook Bound with duplicate numbered pages. pages. Combination Lock Calculator Recommended – Zumdahl or another general chemistry text. Today • • • • Grading Lab Reports Absences Safety/Check-In Safety/Check- Grading • 70% Lab • 30% Quizzes 90.0 + –A 80.0 – 89.9 – B 70.0 – 79.9 – C 60.0 – 69.9 – D 3 70% Lab • Lab Write-Ups Write• • • • • Pre-Lab Questions PreLab Report Discussion Questions Post-Lab Problems PostUnknown Summary Sheet • Safety/Technique Evaluation • End of Semester Notebook Grade Before you come to class... Answer the five pre-lab questions for that preweek’s experiment Do a preliminary lab write-up what’s that? writeThese should be written into your lab notebook. All lab work for this class goes directly into the lab notebook. Always use a ballpoint pen to write in your notebook. Once you get to lab... Carry out the experiment. Write all data directly into your lab notebook in the tables you already prepared. Record your observations too! Have your TA sign any pages where you have collected data before you leave the lab. 4 After the ordeal The rest of the lab write-up consists of writeThe Lab Report Data organized in tables Sample calculation(s) Graphs (if applicable) Conclusions Answers to discussion questions The post-lab problems postLet’s see an example. . . The Lab Notebook Use your lab notebook for pre-labs, laboratory reports and discussion questions, and post-labs. Never tear out the original pages from your notebook. If you made a mistake, cross it with a single line. If there is any unused space left on the page, cross it out with a single diagonal mark. Tear out and submit the copy pages for grading. Be nice to your TA Write neatly and legibly. Always start the PRE-LAB on a new page. REPORT on a new page. POST-LAB on a new page. Number the Discussion Question answers. Don’t forget the insert page! 5 Turning in pre-labs and lab reports Must be written on pages torn from your lab notebook. TA’s are not allowed to accept loose sheets of paper. Pre-labs are due during the first five minutes of lab Preon the day of the lab. Everything else (reports, discussion questions, postpostlabs, unknown summary sheets) are due during the first five minutes of lab one week after the experiment is performed. Late reports Reports that are not turned in during the first five minutes of lab are late and will be penalized 10% per day. Turn in late reports to your TA, to me, to another 204 TA, or to the stockroom at any time. They will sign and date them and give them to your TA. 30% Quizzes • Each quiz is 3 - 4 questions based on • • • • Material covered in the previous week’s lecture Lab manual introduction from the previous week’s lab Procedures in the previous week’s lab Post-Lab problems from previous week’s lab Post- • Like a final exam given in 9 weekly installments • Drop the lowest score • Minimum 50% quiz average to get a C in the course • NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES. If you miss one, that’s MAKEthe one you drop. 6 If you know you will miss a week Let me know ASAP via e-mail. New labs estart on Wednesday morning. You can’t just get the data from someone, you must actually do the experiment to receive credit. Make-Up Labs There is ONE make-up week at the end of the makesemester for doing missed labs. If you let me know of an absence far enough in advance, you might be able to make up the lab during the week and not fall behind. If you wait to tell me, all the spots will be gone. The Double Whammy IF YOU ARE ABSENT AND MISS A LAB 1) You will get a 0 on that week’s quiz, and 2) you still have to take the quiz on the lab you missed when you return next time. 7 If you miss a week... Check the lecture slides online to see if I said anything about what to expect on the quiz. Read the introduction to the experiment you missed. Do the post-lab problems for the experiment postyou missed. Scholastic Dishonesty We take precautions to discourage people from cheating, and we make efforts to catch them. If you are caught cheating, we will submit all the evidence to the Dean’s office and you will get an F in the class. Don’t copy someone else’s work in order to turn something in on time. The late penalty is small on purpose. If you need help or feel overwhelmed, let me know and I will help. Today in Lab Make sure you are in the right lab! Learn your TA’s name and your unique number. Safety orientation and tour of the laboratory. Check-in. Write down your drawer number and combination! 8 Safety Your TA will provide a safety orientation in the laboratory today. Wear SAFETY GOGGLES at all times while you are in the laboratory. Dress appropriately. No shorts, no sandals, no bellybuttons, no armpits. Backpacks go on the wall or in the corner. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the lab. No cell phones. No headphones. Dispose of all chemical waste in the designated waste containers in the hood. Broken glass and broken glass only goes into the specially marked cardboard box waste containers. Land mines Don’t wait until the weekend to start the report. Don’t do the report or pre-lab during lecture. preStudy for the quizzes. Next Time Must have combination lock. Must have lab manual. Must have lab notebook. Read and understand the syllabus. HOMEWORK FOR NEXT TIME: Next week we will do Experiment 1: Are the Densities of Coke and Diet Coke Different? 1) Pre-Lab 1 is due at the start of lab. Pre2) Have a preliminary write-up for Experiment 1 writecompleted in your notebook. 9 ...
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