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4 part 1 - across the other network sections 4 A fractional...

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Jesse Mayer Telecom 350.101 Homework 4 [part 1] Business Case 1. Redundancy in the FBP network can be seen with the setup of a Mesh type topology. There are multiple ways to get between each area. There are three ways to get to the headquarters, and then a fractional T1 to get to da-kine island. Between the shores is the internet, allowing a near permanent ‘up’ state to exist. Essentially, at every major departmental position there are 4 connections to reach the rest of the company. - B) The goal of redundancy is to set up points of access. This takes away a single point of failure, allowing a structure of communication that is always up and running. 2. There are two access points to double up redundancy. If there was only one, it would be a single point of failure, which in turn can be a disaster for a banking company that utilizes any type of online banking system. 3. It probably uses Frame Relay to connect the credit card processing center. These processes take little speed, so the connections between the branches would probably be
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Unformatted text preview: across the other network sections. 4. A fractional T1 line allows the bank to use only what it absolutely needs, and not everything in the line. This is much cheaper for a small to midsized company, especially when you are in a geographic location that is difficult to use hard line in. This was probably used over Frame Relay because of the ease of access in installing and communicating between branches on the island. Frame relay rates have also been increasing on the islands, making the Fractional T-1 that much more appealing. 5. The T3 lines are used instead of ATM because there is a lot of digital transmission. ATM does not have a QoS for Data, making T2 more reliable. The other issue is that there is a huge amount of information that needs to be backed up daily, so the T3 lines are able to be meshed together to form a “super highway” for digital communication....
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