Quiz 5 - planes that are located CE533 Quiz#5 3t30t09 L-rtr...

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The state of stress at a point P on a structure is represented by the plane stress element shown. circle the correct answers. "ciw. =.,counter-clockwise,, i) The maximum tensile stress at point p is a) 6.17 ksi b) 11.67 ksi ii) The maximum compressive stress at point p is d) 11.67 ksi e) 21.6 ksi iii) The maximum in-plane shearing stress is a) 6.17 ksi b) 8.00 ksi [email protected]> d) 17.17 ksi e) 43.3 ksi iv) The ma:<imum tensile stress occurs on a plane that is v) The maximum
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Unformatted text preview: planes that are located CE533 Quiz #5 3t30t09- L ' -rtr-) Name: --&ar 3ksi_r- 3,-8 l'irt 7 t4 ksi v ,t) v) fl(,'r, '.f, \ a)-.3-Otrksi bJ 6.17 kti U-]1.00 ksi a) 21.6" CCW from the x-axis b) 43.3' CCW from the r-axis c) 45.0" CCW from the x-axis d) 68.4'CCW from thex-axE a) 2l.6 and 111.6. CCWfromther-anis b) 22.5" and 112.5" CCW from the x-axis d) 43.3o and 133.3. CCW e) 46.7" and 136.7" CCW from the r-oris...
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