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C8533 Quw#4 316109 A cast iron machine part is acted upon by the 3 kJll.m couple shown. Determine the maximum compressive stress in the casting. _14 y .F + --€ O-f > Nu-"' K E Y ---t'.----{ f-eo **-l w],0** ffiffi_'t- ffi l*-*l /W ffi somm (w M=3kN.rn ffi O=- M,Y I \/.* fe qo Lzof (50) + Vo{ to112o) qo f eol 'l- 3o ( t4 l*=)tr^
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Unformatted text preview: I,: i ho) (to)'t 7o(volrls) z : 5, Ltgt xrol, ,'., *@ IL= * { rol (zd *rolzo}r rt}' : 3, tgzxt o s *ft,lo@ T;I ,tT La $,rlgrrfro , ,*v+ S, tctz x16r*,,, v = 0, fr: @*rpffi*r o, : -1, 7t! Xtot pq ;@ F gb 8 xto*-^ * rrr6rn* 0,8u9 ,( 1o-b l \ | | I , pin+ qr1gw&f .'& .U Fn;n''f Sign * Ua,,{s...
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