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Final Study Guide History 1301 Chapter 8 Why was David Brown convicted of sedition? 219 He refused to provide names of accomplices and subscribers to his writings. Describe the election of George Washington as first president. 220 He was unanimously elected president by the Electoral College. (4/16/1789) What individual rights did the Bill of Rights guarantee? 222 Freedom of speech, press and religion; pledged the right of trial by jury and due process of law; forbade “unreasonable searches and seizures”; and protected individuals against self-incrimination in criminal cases. What did Hamilton see as the proper role of the government? 222 Economic development (domestic manufacturing and overseas trade); have ties with entrepreneurs What did people fear about Hamilton's plan to fund the national debt? 223 Funding depreciated securities at face value would be unfair because speculators had acquired them at a fraction of their initial worth and that it would benefit the North/wealth. How did Hamilton appease critics of his debt assumption plan? 223 The speculators paid what the commodity was worth in the market and took risks and therefore they should reap the benefits. What does implied powers refer to? 224 Principle that gov had the authority to make any laws “necessary and proper” for exercising the powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution. Why did Jefferson oppose Hamilton's argument of implied powers? 224 He saw in Hamilton’s argument a blueprint for the indefinite expansion of federal authority and insisted that the gov possessed only those powers specifically itemized in the Constitution. What proposal of Hamilton's did Jefferson say was unconstitutional? 224 Chartering a national bank. What was the French Revolution like? 226-7 Radical/chaotic; Demands for social justice outran initial attempts at moderate reform. The revolutionary regime launched its attack on organized Christianity. What did Federalists think about it? 227
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Revolutionary France represented social anarchy and threatened the stable European order on which they believed America’s commercial and diplomatic well-being depended. They castigated the revolution and thought that England was the defender of European civilization. What did Federalists think about the French alliance of 1778? (Treaty of 1778) 227 They felt that the treaty lapsed when the French king was overthrown. Why did George Washington demand the recall of Edmund Genet? 230 He urged Congress to reject Washington’s recently issued neutrality proclamation and side with revolutionary France. What did England agree to in Jay's Treaty? 231 Evacuate its military posts in the Northwest Territory. What did Spain agree to in the Treaty of San Lorenzo? 232
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Final Study Guide - Final Study Guide History 1301 Chapter...

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