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ARH 303 Exam III Notes

ARH 303 Exam III Notes - -Stimulated the retina…the...

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10/28/09 Courbet Would only like to paint things he actually sees….is a realist Manet 11/2/09 En plein air-painting outdoors Corot, View of Rome, oil “sketch” Not entirely new (the technique of en plein air). Monet, La Grenouilliere, Gare St.-Lazare Impression Interested in water reflection and environment (ie. the sky) Use of painterly brushstroke Painting of modern life (train-station) 11/4/09 Van Gogh Had his Dutch phase When he goes to South of France, his palette changes Color is not being used in a naturalistic fashion Interest in the juxtaposition of complementary colors (opposing colors)
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Unformatted text preview: -Stimulated the retina…the optics and give the painting a maximum vibration>effect is brilliant and thickly applied colors>optically stimulating even though it is not scientific in grounds. • Collapsing of space…slightly distorted use of space. • Symbolism …collapsing of space (Where is the space, where does wallpaper end and floor start?). Fauvism, The Fauves, and Matisse Artists try all different styles Color is not realistic>Critics not approving...
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