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10/28/09 Courbet Would only like to paint things he actually sees….is a realist Manet 11/2/09 En plein air-painting outdoors Corot, View of Rome, oil “sketch” Not entirely new (the technique of en plein air). Monet, La Grenouilliere, Gare St.-Lazare Impression Interested in water reflection and environment (ie. the sky) Use of painterly brushstroke Painting of modern life (train-station) 11/4/09 Van Gogh Had his Dutch phase When he goes to South of France, his palette changes Color is not being used in a naturalistic fashion Interest in the juxtaposition of complementary colors (opposing colors)
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Unformatted text preview: -Stimulated the retinathe optics and give the painting a maximum vibration>effect is brilliant and thickly applied colors>optically stimulating even though it is not scientific in grounds. Collapsing of spaceslightly distorted use of space. Symbolism collapsing of space (Where is the space, where does wallpaper end and floor start?). Fauvism, The Fauves, and Matisse Artists try all different styles Color is not realistic>Critics not approving...
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