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Problem Set B Key 1. Name the reaction that: a. covalently links two monomers into a polymer through the removal of water: Dehydration synthesis b. disassembles polymers through the addition of water: hydrolysis 2. Complete this table about polymers. Monomer Polymer Linkage General Structure of Monomer Sugars Monosaccharide Polysaccharides Glycosidic Linkages (CH 2 O) n Proteins Amino acid Polypeptides Peptide bonds Nucleic Acids Nucleotide Polynucleotides Phosphodiester Bonds 3. Carbohydrates a. Both plants and animals need to store sugar for later use. The main storage polysaccharide in plants is starch , whereas the main storage polysaccharide in animals is glycogen . Both of these have the α ( α or β ?)- glucose conformation. b. What are 2 examples of structural polysaccharides? 1. cellulose 2. chitin Why can humans digest starch but not cellulose? Humans have enzymes that can break down α -glucose molecules like starch, but not β - glucose molecules like cellulose. 4. Lipids a. Lipids all share what common trait? all are hydrophobic b. i. Is Figure 1 an example of a saturated fat or unsaturated fat? unsaturated fat ii. What about Figure 2? saturated fat Figure 1 Figure 2 iii. Would you expect the fat in Figure 1 to be solid or liquid at room temperature? liquid
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c. Draw the general structure of a phospholipid. Indicate the hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends. Hydrophilic head Hydrophobic tails d. Match the three main biologically important lipid types to their functions. i.
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SolutionProblemSetB - Problem Set B Key 1. Name the...

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