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BILD 1 Fall 2009 Problem Set I Questions 1. Sketch the key features of the Trp Operon and explain in general the mechanics behind it. i.e., how does the operon ‘look’ in the absence versus presence of Trp? (Hint: you should be able to illustrate the key features of Fig 18.3.) Is this an inducible or a repressible operon and why? Repressible operon (puts repressor on) Trp repressor protein is generally inactive Presence of corepressor Tryptophan needed to bind with repressor protein to form an active repressor complex (covalent modification) Operon is slowly reactivated when enough Tryptophan has been degraded and repressor protein returns to its original conformation, thereby freeing the operon. This allows gene expression and transcription to resume. 2. You are working on a type of bacteria that contains a Lac Operon. Your goal is to obtain a massive amount of beta galactosidase from this operon, but during your experiments, your silly lab partner accidently spills in a solution containing an inhibitor that prevents allolactose from acting as an inducer of the system. How will this affect your results? How might you attempt to at least partially rescue the production of beta galactosidase? Inducible operon (takes repressor off) Will observe a drop in activity and product synthesis Inhibitor resembles shape/size of real substrate, sits in active site but does nothing Can saturate the sample with excess inducer to out-compete the inhibitor Add enough catabolite activator protein (CAP) along with cAMP to facilitate more efficient binding of RNA polymerase. 3.
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SolutionProblemSetI - BILD 1 Fall 2009 Problem Set I...

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