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BIO325 Genetics Discussion sheet 1 1. The diagram below depicts Mendel's law of independent assortment. Horizontal lines represent homologous chromosomes, vertical lines represent the same locus in the two homologous chromosomes, letters (A, B, a, b) are the alleles, and the arrows show the direction of movement of chromosomes during gamete production. Answer the following questions concerning this biological process found in eukaryotes. i) What is the mechanism that ensures Mendel’s first law of segregation? (a) Segregation of sister chromatids during meiosis II (b) The formation of the kinetochore (c) Pairing of the dyads into tetrads (d) Formation of the chiasmata (e) Segregation of homologous chromosomes ii) As discussed in class, when gametes are formed, only one of the allele arrangements can be produced (so either AB + ab or Ab + aB). Why do you think that the ratio of different gametes in a dihybrid cross is 1/4 AB: 1/4 ab : 1/4 Ab : 1/4 aB . (Remember, individuals are parts of greater associations. ..) Populations.
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2. If a black female guinea pig is test-crossed and produces two offspring in each of three
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Discussion%20sheet%201%20Fall%202009%20KEY - BIO325...

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