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Exam 2 Instructor: Dr. Tracey Ruhlman TA: Teofil Nakov MULTIPLE CHOICE 2 POINTS EACH: Please choose only one response, WRITE YOUR LETTER RESPONSE AT THE LEFT BELOW THE QUESTION NUMBER. 1. Which of the following components of telomerase is primarily responsible for accurate and faithful extension of the telomere ends of DNA? a) RNA b) Protein c) DNA d) Phosphate e) Sulfide 2. Suppose that the DNA from a certain species of bacteria was shown to contain 28% guanine. The amount of thymine found in the DNA would be: a) 22% b) 25% c) 28% d) 32% e) none of the above 3. Which of the following statements about DNA replication in humans is true? a) Both DNA strands are replicated. b) Multiple sites of replication will be found on each replicating chromosome. c) Replication proceeds bi-directionally. d) All of the above e) None of the above 4. Cdc6 and Cdt1 are proteins that: a) are synthesized during during G2 of mitosis and degraded by proteolysis once cytokinesis has begun b) are synthesized during late mitosis G1 and degraded by proteolysis once DNA synthesis has begun c) bind eukaryotic promoters d) recruit DNA polymerase to the origin of replication e) prime lagging strand DNA synthesis
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5. If nondisjunction occurs in one meiocyte during meiosis II, what will be the result at the completion of meiosis? a) All the gametes will be diploid. b) Two gametes will be n + 1, and two will be n - 1. c) One gamete will be n + 1, one will be n - 1, and two will be n. d) There will be three extra gametes. e) Two of the four gametes will be haploid, and two will be diploid. 6. Lysine and arginine are two amino acids with similar sized “R” (side-) groups and similar biochemical behavior (for example, both are basic residues). A mutation results in substitution of lysine for arginine and has no detectable effect on the function of that protein. Which statement best applies to this situation? a) The mutation is a silent mutation. b) The mutation is a frameshift mutation. c) The amino acid change is conservative. d) The amino acid change is silent. e) This organism displays no codon bias. 7. MutH recognizes parental strands as the appropriate template to direct DNA synthesis over regions where a mismatch has been detected. It accomplishes this task by: a) Binding to the template strand at the mismatch site. b) Replacing the mismatched base. c) Binding the template strand at methylated bases d) Excising a region of the daughter strand downstream of the mismatch. e) Inserting the correct base in the daughter strand. 8. Indel mutations can result when one or more bases are added or deleted due to replication errors. In protein coding sequence, frameshift mutations: a) Result in transposition of non-coding DNA. b) Occur when the number of bases inserted or deleted is not
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Key Exam 2 - Exam2 Instructor:Dr.TraceyRuhlman...

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