15 Study Questions Wordsworth

15 Study Questions Wordsworth - Study Questions...

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Study Questions: Wordsworth (complete) E316K Bruster Wordsworth’s poems are quintessentially Romantic in that they powerfully filter the world through the poetic speaker’s perceptions. How do his poems set out the relation between speaker and Nature? The speaker and other creatures? What is the role of sensation in his poetry? Of memory? Childhood? Innocence? Mythology? What do his poems share with those of Blake? Coleridge? How are they different? Compare Wordsworth’s “London, 1802” with Blake’s “London”: are they similar in their political visions? “We Are Seven” Why do you suppose this poem was so popular? With its original audiences and afterward? What is the debate about between the two speakers? Who are they and what are their values? Which one does the poem seem to side with? Why? “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” This poem is narrated when its speaker returns to a spot he had visited five years previously. What has happened in Europe during the interval? What has happened to
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15 Study Questions Wordsworth - Study Questions...

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