AUSTEN LECTURE DAY TWO 316K - P&P are more allegorical...

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AUSTEN LECTURE DAY TWO 316K Recap; Austen as Stylist; Some Significant Episodes; Good Jane; Bad Jane Austen as Stylist. Largely a style of the 18th-century novel: witty, ironic; privileges “talk” (i.e. long, formal speeches, letters); objective, general descriptions. Consider description of Darcy’s sister—very generalized. Dr. Johnson: business of the poet is not to number the streaks of the tulip. (i.e. writer’s job is general description of humanity). 18th/19th century witnesses shift from allegory toward realism—though full-blown realism is some ways off. allegory : a story or visual image with a second distinct meaning partially hidden behind its literal or visible meaning. realism: a mode of writing that gives the impression of recording or ‘reflecting’ faithfully an actual way of life. Bennet ‘faculties’ in
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Unformatted text preview: P&P are more allegorical than realistic Selected scenes and incidents: Public Ball at Meryton Volume 1, chapter 3 (pp. 6-10) Jane dining at Netherfield Volume I, chapter 7 (pp. 19-24) The ‘mystery’ of Darcy: Elizabeth to Darcy Vol. 1, chapter 18, p. 64 Mr. Collins arrives Vol. 1, chapter 13 (pp. 41 ff.) We meet Wickham Vol. 1, chapter 15 (pp. 48-51) The ball at Netherfield Vol. 1, chapter 18 (pp. 61 ff.) Collins proposes to Elizabeth Vol. 1, chapter 19 (pp. 71 ff.) Jane searches for Bingley in London Elizabeth visits Rosings Darcy proposes: Vol. 2, ch. 11 (p. 125 ff.) Darcy’s letter: Vol 2, ch. 12 (pp. 128 ff.) While the ‘good Jane’ is like a fairy godmother for romance, the ‘bad Jane’ is a smug, anti-social satirist who hates her mother. See vol. II, ch. 19 (ch. 42 in through-numbering), pp. 154 ff....
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AUSTEN LECTURE DAY TWO 316K - P&P are more allegorical...

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