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Study Questions Blake E 316K We’ll read seven short poems by William Blake. You might ask yourself some of the following questions, among others: Blake writes about “simple” things--stars, lambs, roses, tigers--but are his poems simple? What is he trying to say? What are his values? What kinds of emotions do his poems spring from? What do they seek to produce in their readers? What kind of social vision do poems such as “London” imply? What is the latter’s version of our relation to history? What kind of language does Blake use?
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Unformatted text preview: How would you compare and contrast this language to that found in the poems of Milton, Pope, or Gray? What does Blake have in common with Milton? With Pope? With Gray? As we have noticed, Blake was a great illustrator. You might supplement your reading of his poems by looking at some of his illustrations, both in your textbook (page C2 of the plates in the middle of your volume) and on the Internet: click on: Songs of Innocence (1789): electronic edition...
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