Study Guide—Second Examination

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Study Guide—Second Examination E316K Bruster This exam will be identical in structure to your first test. The material covered stretches from Alexander Pope through Yeats. In a perfect world, there’d be time to re-read all of these works. It may not be possible to do so, however, so I’d recommend the following: 1) Sit down with the syllabus, and re-read the titles of the works we have covered. If you missed any days in lecture, or if you had trouble with particular works, it may be a good idea to revisit these. The audio-visual library at the FAC has a number of these works available to watch or listen to; for a list of titles, please see the first file (“Audio-Visual Supplements to the Readings”) in the Course Documents area of the Blackboard page. 2) Take out a yellow pad and start a page on the various literary and historical periods we’ve covered since the last examination: the eighteenth-century; the Romantic period; the Victorian era. What are some of their characteristics? Are
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Study Guide—Second Examination - Study...

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