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Study Questions Victorian Verse E 316K For this course meeting we’ll be reading three poets, each of whom has a highly distinct set of concerns. To begin, though, we’ll look at what they have in common as ‘Victorian’ poets. We’ll want to ask ourselves how these poets relate to the precedents set by the Romantics (Keats, Shelley, Byron, Wordsworth, Blake). That is, what do these Victorian poets have in common, and how do they differ from the Romantics? Tennyson Tennyson was among the most admired writers of his time (and for many years thereafter). What is the appeal of his poetry? You might focus on his range of topics as well as on the ‘sound’ of his verse. ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ was one of the most influential literary works of its time, and perhaps the last time in Western history that a poem doubled as a news story. What is the story that it tells? How does it tell this story?
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Unformatted text preview: What difference does it make to encounter the story in poetic form (rather than in prose)? Arnold “Dover Beach” is a central poem for the Victorian (and Modern) era. How does this poem work, what does it say, and what does Arnold seek to do with it? What does he mean by ‘the sea of faith’? How and why does its ebbing effect the speaker’s (and his beloved’s) relationship? How might we use this poem to read the other poems for the day? For the Victorian era generally? Rossetti This poem works equally well as a children’s tale and as an allegory for grown-ups. Most basically, what happens in it? What defines each character, and what is her role in the narrative? Who are these goblins, and what do they represent? What is the nature of the relationship between its female figures? What, finally, is this poem about ? What is Rossetti up to in it?...
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