Woolf Lecture Day Two

Woolf Lecture Day Two - Clarissa moves the city moves back...

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Recap: Last time we saw that Woolf was a feminist novelist; attracted to experience; with a Keatsian dedication to the sensuous, the beautiful. MODERNISM: romanticism in the machine age; metropolises; new modes of time; stressing internal experience; movement, energy What happens in Mrs. Dalloway? Clarissa goes for a walk, throws a party. A man commits suicide. But do we read it for the plot? We read it for the style, for its description of experience. Contrast Woolf’s speaker/narrator with Wordsworth’s in “Tintern Abbey”.
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Unformatted text preview: Clarissa moves, the city moves back. Look at the role of writing in relation to the disc, and the skywriting. What do we learn from Clarissa’s walk? In showing us the private, inside (mental) sphere, Woolf finds herself showing us the public, outside world We see the end of empire, beginning of our modern world with its advertising, consumption Big cities connect us, humble us with their variety All interpretation is (has to be) partial....
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