BIOL100 Syllabus - BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology COURSE...

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BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology COURSE SYLLABUS Fall 2009 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Jean ENGOHANG-NDONG OFFICE: McKay 140c TELEPHONE: 675-3690 E-MAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: T/Th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CREDIT: Introduction to Biology is a 3 Credits course CLASS TIME: Lectures, T/Th: 07:40 am – 9:10 am (Section 02) T/Th: 9:20 am – 10:50 am (Sections 03 and 3A) COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is intended to give you basic knowledge in Biology for General Education. Introduction to Biology will allow you to be aware of the diversity and the complexity of the world that surrounds you on a biological point of view. BOOKS: Essential Biology (ISBN: 0-8053-6842-6); Study Guide (ISBN: 0-8053-2146-2) (Campbell, Reece and Simon; 3 rd Edition) Other Readings: Though the essential part of lecture will come out of the textbook, you are however strongly encouraged to look for additional source of information such as INTERNET and other sources that you may find in the library. Unless otherwise recommended, your textbook and other source of information must be kept away during the lecture. This will help you develop your capability to take accurate notes and to focus on the subject. PowerPoint: Lectures will be available on blackboard as PowerPoint documents. These PowerPoint documents should be used as study guide for any lecture test. You are expected to know the PowerPoint documents in as much details as possible. These documents are intended to be the source of any lecture test. Since these documents will not contain every comment of the lecture,
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This note was uploaded on 12/17/2009 for the course BIOL 100 taught by Professor Jeane. during the Fall '09 term at École Normale Supérieure.

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BIOL100 Syllabus - BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology COURSE...

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