0211 - Hasan Al-Banna Mona El-Ghobashy Brown Hamzawy The...

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Hasan Al-Banna Mona El-Ghobashy Brown & Hamzawy: The Draft Party Platform of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Foray Into Political Integration or Retreat Into Old Positions. 1. What are the specific controversies and divisions generated by the platform? 2. Why and how has the platform proved so divisive? 3. Given the division it caused as well as the inauspicious political environment, why was a platform drafted at this time? 4. How will these controversies likely be resolved? MB’s attempt to grapple with vague ideological and religious slogans and inability to come up with specific policy prescriptions What is the future relationship between the party they wish to build at some point and the MB movement? Some advocate a functional separation between a political party and a broader social and religious movement Egyptian constitution requires that all Egyptians regardless of their religious affiliation can join a party for the party to be legitimately established. – no clear statement 1. The creation of a body of senior religious scholars – oversees policies and its words are binding in matters in which it feels the sharia rule at stake: the move towards theocracy 2. Only Muslim males for the most senior positions in the Egyptian state: premodern writingsin a modern context of the complex set of institutions that currently exists. Insistent on implementing sharia
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0211 - Hasan Al-Banna Mona El-Ghobashy Brown Hamzawy The...

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