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0401 Complete - 0401 – 9/11 CNN – Transcript of Bin...

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Unformatted text preview: 0401 – 9/11 CNN – Transcript of Bin Laden’s October Interview Bin Laden denied his collusion in 9/11, but he commended terrorists as brave warriors taking the battle against America in defense of Muslims, Palestinians, and sacred religious sites and thing. He admitted that his past statements incited the 9/11 terrorists to plan the terrorist attack. He elevated the battle between al Qaeda and US to one between Muslims and the global crusaders. He said that the defeat of America is not only possible but easier than the defeat of USSR. During the peak of the USSR power in the 1980s, Bin Laden and al Qaeda went to Afghanistan to assist mujahedeen in the war against USSR and sacrificed a lot in order to keep the Muslim faith alive. Their jihad is a duty for everyone. As the cases of Britain and USSR, US is going to be defeated by al Qaeda with power granted by God. The repercussions of 9/11 are not over. The values of the Western civilization under US’s leadership have been destroyed. Jihad is a duty to liberate Al-Aqsa and to help the powerless in every Muslim community. Bin Laden justifies the terrorist attack as the retaliation against the crusaders and infidels who have killed Muslims for a long time. The 9/11 terrorists are the spokesmen of the conscience of the Muslim community. Since US and Israel have exercised the condemned terrorism, al Qaeda practice the good terrorism. Those who follow Bush in his crusade against Muslims have denounced God. Anyone believing in a lasting peace between Muslims and Jews is an infidel. The killing of Jews and Americans is one of the greatest duties. David A. Lake - Rational Extremism: Understanding Terrorism in the Twenty-first Century War occurs when one or both parties 1) have private information with incentives to misrepresent, 2) are unable to credibly commit to respect the new division of the issue, or 3) the issue is indivisible. Private information is precisely the unobservable traits of the actors that lead to war and, in turn, make war so difficult to predict. Problems of credible commitment have been addressed more fully in the literature on war termination – why, once wars start, they aren’t ended quickly, with the idea that conflict is a process in which information is revealed, prior beliefs are updated, and war aims are altered? Terrorists resort to violence because no bargain is acceptable to them under the current distribution of capabilities. The terrorist act itself is designed to shift the balance of power between the parties and to produce a getter bargain at some point in the distance...
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0401 Complete - 0401 – 9/11 CNN – Transcript of Bin...

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