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IE 383 Sample Final Exam Login _________XU96_________________ ============================================================================ ATTENTION! This is NOT a complete sample final exam. These questions are released to familiarize you with the question format that you will see in the final. Fill in the Blanks 1.(10 points) In the following system, all three machines have the same processing time (10 min.) and scrap rate (0.1). Which machine will have the lowest machine utilization? ___________ M1 M2 M3 2. (10 points) Purdue Properties Inc. is considering building a new donut shop, a new tattoo parlor, or leasing current property to another company in a certain location. The profit that this firm can make depends on the future economic conditions. The following payoff table shows the profit (in dollars) from each investment given the economic conditions. The best decision using the minimax regret method is ________________________ Economic Conditions Decision Good Fair Poor
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