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interview_sports - FOR USE BY PRINCIPALS Suggested Job...

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FOR USE BY PRINCIPALS Suggested Job Interview Questions for Prospective Physical Education Teachers A Quality Physical Education Program Will Keep Your School Fit to Achieve Make Hiring a Key Aspect of Assuring a Good Program According to NASPE’s Physical Activity Guidelines, school children are encouraged to be physically active at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours per day. Assure that your students are taught the joy and reasons for being physically active by a professional! Background 1
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Hiring high quality professional staff is one of the challenges faced by principals. Another is having a general understanding of the standards, issues and trends relative to all the content areas that make up a comprehensive education including physical education. The National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE) has developed guidelines and interview questions to help you to hire the best physical education faculty and contribute to the total education of your students. NASPE, a nonprofit professional membership organization headquartered in Reston, VA, is the only national association supporting K-12 physical education programs and physical educators. Through its nearly 20,000 members, NASPE develops and supports programs of high quality in sport and physical activity that promote healthy behaviors to enhance individual well-being. Please share these suggestions with other principals in your school district as well as chairs of your departments of physical education. We hope the following will help you better assess your program and prospective faculty members. Suggested Questions for Faculty in Physical Education 1. What do you believe are the characteristics of an effective “physical education teacher?” -“A physical education teacher is someone who is able to integrate knowledge and understanding of human movement and physical fitness, student growth and development, and current learning theories in order to facilitate student learning so that students become physically fit, competent movers and understand a range of movement forms. .” 1a. What is an effective program? 2a. What do you want your students to learn in your program? -* Key concepts : has comprehensive knowledge about scientific and applied aspects of human movement and physical activity; uses developmentally appropriate activities; models sportsmanship; shows awareness of students’ needs; applies effective teaching strategies; accommodates diversity; demonstrates professional commitment through involvement in professional organizations; serves as a positive role model of personal fitness and skill; uses appropriate assessment and evaluation; applies current technology. Students should learn health- related fitness, motor skills, how to be and stay active out of class, sport opportunities, various movement forms. * (Key Concepts - the applicant may or may not answer the question in exactly this way,
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interview_sports - FOR USE BY PRINCIPALS Suggested Job...

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