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BOOKS ON EDUCATION 1 These lists of books were developed in the post 1977 enthusiasm. Today on the internet several such lists are available, but unfortunately they are not selectively annotated and leave a new education enthusiast bewildered. This article is a product of cooperation of several enthusiasts who have known, used and promoted these classics on education for years. After the Second World War, the 1960s saw a new kind of upheaval. Among other events it included the Vietnam War protests in the USA, student movements all over the world, the Sino-Soviet debate, Cultural Revolution in China and the Naxalite movement in India. In its wake came a vigorous critique of the educational system (along with issues of race, gender and health). Books like Danger School , How Children Fail , and Letter to a Teacher were published during this time. There was a search for alternatives in education. People sought to know about earlier educational experiments and efforts like that of Tolstoy and Montessori. In India Tagore's and Gandhi's experiments were studied with increased interest. There was concern that though constitutions were egalitarian and guaranteed educational opportunities for all, still the Black children in America or workers' children in Italy, like the SC/ ST children in India were dropping out or failing in large numbers. Education system served to maintain and reproduce the classes. In India also innovative educational efforts started. In the 70s - significantly in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and also in other parts of the country, and more recently in Bihar. Educational journals like Naya Shikshak and Palash brought to fore and made accessible much of the progressive thinking in education. Krishna Kumar’s Raj, Samaj Aur Shiksha was written during this period. Many books on education were read, reviewed and discussed during this period. Over time some 25 of the most discussed books (see Appendix) were selected. Because of this process most of these books were available in Hindi either in the form of books or journals. A group of individuals has been promoting the spread of these book and educational ideas. Many of the books are available and being read in English - particularly in the South. In Andhra Pradesh also, because of the level of political activity and an awareness of these issues many of the books have been translated and published in Telugu. Many others are in the process of being translated and published by various interested publishers. In fact some very good books like, Letter to a Teacher , Danger School , Preparation for Understanding
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viju-eduation - BOOKS ON EDUCATION 1 These lists of books...

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