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NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHER FLEXIBILITY UPDATE The United States Department of Education (USDOE) released additional No Child Left Behind (NCLB) flexibility guidelines for highly qualified teachers on March 15, 2004. Michigan has been diligently working to implement the various provisions of NCLB by the 2005-06 deadline. The new flexibility will allow Michigan to expand the number of teachers who will now meet the NCLB highly qualified requirements without additional coursework or testing. NEW FLEXIBILITY I. Rural Teachers Approximately one-third—or almost 5,000—of all school districts in the United States are considered rural. As USDOE officials have traveled the country listening to teachers and state and district officials, they frequently have heard that the highly qualified teacher provisions of the No Child Left Behind law don’t adequately accommodate the special challenges faced by teachers in small, rural districts. Often, the teachers in these areas are required to teach more than one academic subject. This new flexibility is designed to recognize this challenge and provide additional time for these teachers to prove that they are highly qualified. Under this new policy teachers in eligible, rural districts who are highly qualified in at least one of the subjects that they are assigned to teach will have three years from now (until June 30, 2007) to become highly qualified in the additional subjects they teach. They must also be provided professional development, intense supervision or structured mentoring to become highly qualified in those additional subjects. Eligible rural districts are those that have 600 or less average daily student enrollment or 10 or less persons per square mile and have either a U.S. census designation of category 7 or 8. Eligible rural teachers may also use the High Objective Uniform State-Standard of Evaluation (HOUSSE) options such as the content portfolio to demonstrate that they are highly qualified in other subjects that they are assigned to teach. This flexibility also applies to teachers who are new to the profession who are employed by eligible rural schools/districts. II.
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NCLB_HQ_Teacher_Flexibility_Update_88126_7 - NO CHILD LEFT...

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