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Learning Outcomes for General Education Requirements (Revised 10/23/03) C requirement - Composition Students in C courses will demonstrate 1. The ability to write effectively and coherently, in ways appropriate to the discipline and the level of the course. 2. The ability to revise and improve their writing in both form and content. O requirement - Oral Communication Students in O courses will demonstrate 1. Proficiency in oral presentations. 2. The ability to improve oral presentations in response to critiques. 3. Skill in listening to and critiquing oral presentations. Foreign Language Requirement Students who satisfy the Foreign Language requirement will demonstrate: 1. Basic proficiency in the understanding and use of a foreign language. 2. Knowledge of the distinctive features of cultures(s) associated with the languages they are studying. G requirement - Global Interdependencies 1. Students in G courses will demonstrate knowledge of central characteristics of western societies (i.e., those in Europe and North America) as they developed and/or continue to develop in dynamic interaction with other regions of the world and in the context of global systems of economic and/or cultural exchange.
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