201_HW5_(11-05-09) - ECO201: MACROECONOMICS Homework #5...

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ECO201: MACROECONOMICS Homework #5 Multiple-Choice Questions (one point each): Please put your answers on scantron 882-E. 1. In the Employment Act of 1946, the Federal government: A) applied the unemployment compensation program to intrastate workers. B) agreed to subsidize unemployed workers to the extent of 50 percent of their average incomes. C) committed itself to accept some degree of responsibility for the general levels of employment and prices. D) agreed to hire, through public works programs, any employees who cannot find jobs with private industry. 2. Fiscal policy is carried out primarily by: A) the Federal government. B) state and local governments working together. C) state governments alone. D) local governments alone. 3. Fiscal policy refers to the: A) manipulation of government spending and taxes to stabilize domestic output, employment, and the price level. B) manipulation of government spending and taxes to achieve greater equality in the distribution of income. C) altering of the interest rate to change aggregate demand. D) fact that equal increases in government spending and taxation will be contractionary. 4. Expansionary fiscal policy is so named because it: A) involves an expansion of the nation's money supply. B)
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201_HW5_(11-05-09) - ECO201: MACROECONOMICS Homework #5...

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