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Unformatted text preview: T h e H u d son ’ s B ay C om p an y Hudson’s Bay Company first phase 1670-1763 Chartering HBC was chartered in 1670 by Charles II. The charter was to a group headed by his cousin Prince Rupert of Rheinland-Pfaltz. It granted them all the land around Hudson’s and James’ Bay. Hudson’s Bay Company first phase 1670-1763 Chartering The Royal Charter for incorporating The Hudson's Bay Company, A.D. 1670. Charles the Second By the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the faith &c To All to whome these presentes shall come greeting Whereas Our Deare and entirely Beloved cousin Prince Rupert Count Palatyne of the Rhyne Duke of Bavaria and Cumberland &c Christopher Duke of Albemarle William Earle of Craven Henry Lord Arlington Anthony Lord Ashley Sir John Robinson and Sir Robert Vyner Knightes and Baronettes Sir Peter Colliton Baronett Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath Sir Paul Neele Knight Sir John Griffith and Sir Phillipp Carteret Knightes James Hayes John Kirke Francis Millington William Prettyman John Fenn Esquires and John Portman Cittizen and Goldsmith of London have at theire owne great cost and charge undertaken an Expedicion for Hudsons Bay in the North west part of America for the discovery of a new Passage into the South Sea and for the finding some Trade for Furrs Mineralls and other considerable Commodityes and by such theire undertaking have already made such discoveryes as doe encourage them to proceed further in pursuance of theire said designe by meanes whereof there may probably arise very great advantage to us and our Kingdome Hudson’s Bay Company first phase 1670-1763 Chartering They undertook this venture because of the success of the explorations of Henry Hudson, in the voyage of the Nonesuch. And the explorations of two early fur traders, who were brothers-in-law, Pierre Esprit Radisson and Médard Chouart des Grosseillieurs. Hudson’s Bay Company first phase 1670-1763 Chartering Competition with French until Treaty of Paris, 1763. Headquarters in London, field headquarters in York Factory. The manager is called a factor. The manager’s place of business is a factory. Hudson’s Bay Company second phase 1764-1820 Competition Competition with North West Company, of Montréal, founded 1779 consisting of Francophone trappers from French period. HBC progressively taken over by Scots. HBC recruited prospective factors in the harshest climates of Scotland. But European women wouldn’t go. Hudson’s Bay Company second phase 1764-1820 Competition The factors married local women. But in contrast to the French trappers, the HBC factors subcontracted the work of trapping to the local Indians. HBC kept good relations with the Indians, and their children went back and forth between Indian society and Canadian society. When Manitoba was made a province, its first governor was of Scottish-Cree descent. Hudson’s Bay Company second phase 1764-1820 Competition In 1811 the English begin to settle on the Red River (Winnipeg). Métis opposition is encouraged by the NWC. Hudson’s Bay Company third phase 1821-1870 Traditional fur trade period HBC strategy simply worked better in the long run. In 1821 the NWC was merged with the HBC. But the hostility of the Métis was still there. ...
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