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34_Erdrich+Chippewa+Words - ‘not on purpose’ an apology...

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Ling. 155 R. Rhodes Chippewa Words from Love Medicine Erdrich cites Chippewa words very erratically. The correct forms are given below. Erdrich’s spelling correct form meaning and comments ciga swa zagaswishin ‘Give me something to smoke.’ ( Zagaswaa means ‘He/she is smoking.’) Nanapush Nenabozh name of the culture hero n’dawnis nindaanis ‘my daughter’ windigo wiindigoo ‘monster, cannibal’ one who has eaten human flesh is believed to have supernatural powers and an insatiable appetite for more human flesh. kaween onjidah gaa wiin onjida
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Unformatted text preview: ‘not on purpose’ an apology for minor improprieties Saaah! Se! ‘Yuck!’ interjection only used by women djessikid jaasaked ‘conjurer’ kind of shaman capable of contacting spirits babawmawaebigowin babaamiwebahogoowin ‘the process of being blown around in a canoe by the wind’ n’gushi ningashi ‘my mother’ (Ottawa word, Chippewa is ningaa ) Beeskun k’papigeweyaun Biisakan gibabigiwiyaan ‘Put on your shirt.’ megwitch miigwech ‘thank you’ Matchimanito Maji-manidoo ‘evil spirit, demon, devil, the Devil’...
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