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1 Apache Apache Apache Apache Apaches had long raided Spanish/Mexican settlements. Anglos started arriving in Apache territory after 1848. Apaches also made raids on North Americans traveling the Santa Fe Trail and the Butterfield Southern Route. Apache In 1861 there was a conflict over the rustling of rancher’s cattle and the kidnapping of his children. He wrongly accused Cochise. An American lieutenant by the name of George Bascom captured and ultimately executed Cochise’s relatives. The retaliatory raids and the reassignment of soldiers to the Civil War, forced the whites to withdraw from forts in Apache country. Apache Apache Colonel James Carleton moves into Apache and Navajo country in 1862 and employs Kit Carson to help subdue the Indians. Carleton is made a general and is put in charge of New Mexico. General Joseph West is put in charge of the southern region including Apache country. Apache West decides on treachery to subdue the Apache. He captures the war chief Mangas Coloradas and has him killed.
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Unformatted text preview: By 1863 Carleton and Carson have forced the Mescalero Apaches onto the Bosque Redondo reservation. Apache Apache In 1871, suspicious Anglos, Mexicans, and Papagos raid an Apache camp. President Grant is outraged and sends General Oliver Howard to establish a reservation. By 1872 a series of agencies is set up and a frontiersman trusted by the Apaches, Thomas Jefferds, is made the Indian agent, and Apaches come in by 1873. 2 Apache Reservation life is a trial for the Apaches and resistance arises under Victorio (Mangas Coloradas’ successor) and Geronimo in 1877. The Apaches raid on both sides of the Mexican border. Both Mexican and American armies pursue them. The Apaches were sent as prisoners of war to be interned in Florida. In 1894 they were transferred to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. This continued off and on until 1886, when the Apache leaders surrendered to a unit of the 7th Cavalry which included Col. Nelson Miles....
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1_Apache - By 1863 Carleton and Carson have forced the...

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